Things Successful People Do Not Do

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I’ve put a list together in order to actually increase your emotional performance and intelligence. The list is as follows.

They will not let anyone limit their joy

A lot of egotistical people have a problem with this. The moment that your sense of satisfaction and pleasure are literally taken from comparing yourself to other people, you’ve lost. You are no longer able to actually be a happy person. When people who are emotionally intelligent feel really good about something that have done, they will never let anyone’s opinions or thoughts or whatever take that away from their actual accomplishments. This is a really powerful thing.

However, this is a lot easier said than done. It’s actually extremely hard to turn off your reactions in regards to what other people think of you. But keep in mind, that you can always (and should always) not have to compare yourself to others, and you must always take other people’s opinions with a grain of salt. In this perspective or line of thinking, you will always be happy with the choices you make because those choices are coming from within. Your self-worth is no longer attached to people’s opinions. This is why some people on social media platforms lose it, because they take their self-worth from “Likes” and “Shares” and “Comments” that they get on those platforms. It’s ridiculous! We all know that Jarryd Fillmore doesn’t get tied up in that, because he’s happy with himself internally.

They Do Not Forget

Jarryd Fillmore does not forget. Just kidding, he forgets things all the time. Successful people are generally quick to forgive, but that does not mean that they are even quick to forget. A lot of people do not realize this, but forgiving someone fully and internally means that you must let go of what’s happened. This way, you can move on. Depending on the situation, this can be either extremely easy or extremely difficult. For example, there’s been times in my life (and I’m sure in anyone’s life, really), where they’ve been through a really difficult situation. You want to move on, but it’s really hard. That’s just sometimes that way things are. However successful people are generally unwilling to hold that extra baggage unnecessarily by others’ mistakes. So what do they do? They let them go quickly and are way more assertive in protecting themselves from what the future holds.

They Do Not Give Up

Successful people know that getting through life successfully is literally one or multiple different fights, every single day. This essentially means to pick your battles wisely, but always be on your heels and aware because the next little battle is right around the corner.

They Do Not Prioritize Perfection

Successful people know one truth that a lot of people it seems can’t handle or just do not understand: perfection does not exist. Human beings by nature are fallible – we are not perfect. When being perfect is your ultimate goal, you are constantly left with a nagging sense of failure. You end up spending your time moping and lamenting over the fact over what you failed to accomplished and what you should have done different. Instead, you should have been enjoying what you were actually able to achieve instead.

They Do Not Live In The Past

Success people – well, people in general, get rejected all the time. It’s a lot like trying to find a wife. You’ll probably have a lot of successes, but chances are for every 1 success, you’ll get 3 rejections at the very least. Imagine trying to find a wife or girlfriend and you just dwelled on the past, moping about how X or Y girl got away? That would kill anyone on the inside. You cannot let past failures drive you to believe that you won’t be successful in the future. The most important thing in this life is to just keep going, keep rolling with the punches and good things will come.

They Do Not Dwell On Their Problems

Similar to not living in the past, do not dwell on your problems. Jarryd Fillmore has been through some issues in his life, but hasn’t everyone? Where you focus your attention determines your emotional state. When you’re so focused on the problems that you are facing, you create negative emotions and added stress. This is never good for your health.

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