The Top 10 Search Marketing Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Know

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Make your website mobile

More than half of all online searches are now conducted on devices like tablets and smartphones. When you want to reach your targeted audience, it is critical that yo make available a mobile version of your company’s website.

Make your mobile website easy and fun to use

Your company’s mobile website needs to be entertaining and easy for your customers to use. Rather than turn them away with small text or links that are too small to click on, you should employ conveniences like vertical menus and large buttons.

Link build to authoritative websites

Link building is crucial when you want to increase your website’s ranking. By linking to authoritative websites, you also generate traffic to your own site and garner the trust you need among your clients.

Avoid black hat link building

You should avoid practices that will lead to penalties and lower rankings. These practices including paying for posts with links, paying a service for automated link distribution, or overloading your site with links to untrustworthy and less reputable sites.

Create strong headlines

Strong headlines are a great strategy that can help your business visibility. Customers are attracted to strong headlines and are more likely to follow with their transactions with your company than if your content had weak or boring headlines. Despite being attracted to such headlines, they also want to feel safe when they visit your website.

Anticipate your audience’s needs

Each person has a different purpose for searching for and visiting your website. Even so, you must anticipate for those reasons and understand what they expect to get if they click on your site. They may be looking for a solution to a problem or merely wanting to be entertained.

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